Produce textile sun protection components for boats, goods and people.


Offer solutions for solar protection and environmental comfort for equipment, goods and people, through the development, production and marketing of quality textiles.


Quality: The Company is focused on meeting the quality requirements of its products in order to ensure aesthetic beauty, durability and safety.

Innovation: It is oriented to the search of the application of the best technical training, creative solutions, research of raw material and appropriate inputs.

Respect to employees, suppliers and customers: Respect and trust that translates into ethical posture, compliance with current legislation, promoting an environment that favors the development and the potential of its team and partnership with its suppliers and customers.

Tradition: They maintain the tradition of quality of their products and services, reliability of their actions, constancy and fidelity to the convictions that translate into their values ​​and reach notoriety and recognition.

Vanguard: Characterized by the constant search for new markets, through innovative and differentiated ideas, allowing you to be ahead with ethics and professionalism.

Result: Commitment to results that guarantee sustainability of the Company for long term.


To be a world reference in the manufacture of textile marine products.

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